Stone Sealer

Stone Sealer
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  Tulum Stone Sealer is a family of protective sealants that are deep penetrating, extremely long lasting silicone based sealants for saltwater and chlorine swimming pools, pool coping, decorative stone landscaping, waterfalls, tile, grout, stone flooring, paver patios, driveways and sidewalks, plaster, brick and masonry products, concrete and much more.

Each product is engineered for the substrate it is going over. Different silicones, silanes and siloxanes have different size molecules and other chemical properties which play an important role in the chemistry of matching a sealant with the type of substrate it is going over.

Tulum Stone Sealer’s silicone sealants display excellent water beading, maximum durability, are deep penetrating impregnating sealers, and are long lasting.


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